If you are here about software development, you have come to the right place. I needed a place to share my daily battles with code and this is where it all went.

I am your typical software developer, nerd, geek (hence my nickname TOTOllyGeek), husband, father and metal fan.

I don’t have a portfolio, since I am lazy, but you can read a bit about my professional career on LinkedIn. I am mostly a Microsoft stack developer, but I am not a fanboy. I will develop everything I like, regardless of the vendor, infrastructure or operating system.

I have a YouTube channel, which I am trying to update as often as I can, but you will notice this is not as often as I would like to. But if you subscribe, I might start putting up videos any moment now and become the next big thing in YouTube millionaires.

I am a social dude. You can follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Mostly that’s it. Stay tuned for more awesomeness!