Visual Studio on Windows Mobile

Today, while I was circling around my favourite “morning coffee” RSS feeds, I stumbled upon some of the PDC sessions on Silverlight that were held in the past few days, and I was just stunned by the very interesting session Microsoft Silverlight 2 for Mobile: Developing for Mobile Devices. I was just so fascinated by the session that I literally started laughing and everybody in the office just gazed at me in misunderstanding.

In the session you can see how Visual Studio can be run on Windows Mobile device. Yes it is pretty hard to write code and interact with the environment from the little screen of the mobile device, but still it is very very interesting !

This is not the first session from PDC, that I have watched. In the next days I will post more links and articles about the ones I have seen and what is interesting about them. Also I plan to post some articles about a few problems I stumbled upon my development in the last few month, so stay tuned !

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