The first Android phone is released !

Today the first phone with the Android operation system by Google, have been released. This is the HTC G1, formerly known as HTC Dream. The phone is very cool and the Android OS gives you complete integration with all Google services. Here is a presentation of what Android is capable of:


Is this the next step of Google in becoming the world’s Big Brother ?

Currently Google has all your information – contacts, calendar, e-mail, the iGoogle homepage where you put what you like. When you search Google knows what you are interested in and what you might need in order to show you intelligent advertisements. Of course Google says that all this information is strictly confidential and nobody can use it for personal gain, but is that completely true ? As we all know there is no such thing as a confidential information in the Internet world we live in. There is always a way to get it ! I rest my case…

Don’t get me wrong ! I LOVE Google and probably some time in the near future I WILL buy and Android phone. I use Google a lot, as everybody else. I have my e-mail there, contacts, calendar, iGoogle homepage and many, many more. I am just saying, be careful !

I am waiting for your comments on the subject !

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