LaserJet 1020 Accessed Over Network Problem

Today I stumbled upon a problem with my printer at home. I have HP LaserJet 1020. Very nice and productive home printer. The problem was the following:

I have a Windows XP desktop PC, to which the printer is connected and shared. My girlfriend’s PC is running Windows Vista and my Notebook is running Windows 7 (quite a diversity, I know). It turned out that I cannot install the printer on the Vista and 7. Every time I attended to, my spooler service crashed and that led to an error and abort of the installation. After a little bit of “Google research” I found out this great article by a guy named “inanis”. Here is the link.

I will also explain the steps that “inanis” gave:

• NOTE: Do this on the machine connected to the printer.
• Run gpedit.msc
• Go to “Local Computer Policies\Administrative Templates\Printers”
◦ Set the setting “Allow print spooler to accept client connections” to “Enabled”
• Go to “User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Control Panel\Printers\”
◦ Set the setting “Point and Print Restrictions” to “Disabled”
• Close the Group Policy Editor
• Go into the Printers and Faxes control panel, right click on the printer and hit properties.
• Click the “Ports” tab
• Uncheck “Enable Bidirectional Printing”
• Close the Printer panels/windows
• Run a command line, type in “gpupdate /force”, and hit enter

My work computer broke

Yesterday my office computer broke down very suddenly. I just started the computer and after Windows has loaded it just crashed. After repeating this Loaded-Crashed cycle a few times, I took it to the Administrator’s office and left it there. This morning I got it back and I was amazed by the cause of the problem. Here are the photos of my video adapter. I can imagine that only a massive power shock failure might have caused this to happen.