Fixing SkyDrive slow speed

Since some time I was thinking of buying additional space on one of my cloud storage providers. Currently I use DropBox (got 5,4GB so far), SkyDrive (7GB out of the box) and Google Drive (5GB). My favorites are DropBox and SkyDrive. Personally, I think Google Drive is still not very well done.

Looking at the pricings, from DropBox you can get 100GB for about $99 per year, while in SkyDrive, you get 100GB for about $49 per year. And it is even 107GB, since you keep the 7 GB free on top of the 100GB you pay for. This was a winner for me, but I had a problem. The uploading/downloading in SkyDrive is WAY much slower for me, than Dropbox’s. I started digging and it turns out there is a solution for that. Still under the hood one, but it worked for me and led to me buying the 100GB storage.

Here is the article, describing how to fix it:

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