Sharing folder between Google Drive users

Today I faced problem, for which the solution is not straight forward. I needed to have a folder, shared between computers at our company. Sounds pretty dull and normal. The trick is, that I want to have it shared even if I am not at the office. So I needed a Cloud solution. Since we use Google Apps at our company, the most useful solution would be to use Google Drive.

Here comes the issue. I know that I can share files and folders between Google users, doing it the old fashioned way, which was possible with Google Docs. Well you can achieve the above, but you need to make a few simple steps.

Step one

Create a folder on account “A”. Let’s call that folder “Cloud Share”


Step two

Go to your Google Drive Web access and share the folder with the account “B”, “C”, etc.


NOTE: Do not forget to give the user “Can edit” permission.

Step three

So far it is our old, well known sharing in Google Docs. But how do we show it in my Google Drive folder?

Well, it is pretty easy. You need to go to the Google Drive Web access on the account “B”, account “C”, etc. and go the the “Shared with me” section. Then check the shared folder and click “Add to My Drive”. And that’s it!


Now everything that anybody changes to this folder’s content will be synced between everybody. Great, easy and free way to collaborate files.

Fixing SkyDrive slow speed

Since some time I was thinking of buying additional space on one of my cloud storage providers. Currently I use DropBox (got 5,4GB so far), SkyDrive (7GB out of the box) and Google Drive (5GB). My favorites are DropBox and SkyDrive. Personally, I think Google Drive is still not very well done.

Looking at the pricings, from DropBox you can get 100GB for about $99 per year, while in SkyDrive, you get 100GB for about $49 per year. And it is even 107GB, since you keep the 7 GB free on top of the 100GB you pay for. This was a winner for me, but I had a problem. The uploading/downloading in SkyDrive is WAY much slower for me, than Dropbox’s. I started digging and it turns out there is a solution for that. Still under the hood one, but it worked for me and led to me buying the 100GB storage.

Here is the article, describing how to fix it: