Blogging from MS Days 09

Here I am at Microsoft Days 2009 Conference.

It is already the end of the second day and I am waiting to hear my last session for this year’s MS Days.

My overall satisfaction with the conference is not really as I expected. The location is moved, which in my opinion, is a bad thing. So far the conference was being held in the IEC (International Exhibition Center – [Google Maps]) just at the end of Sofia. Getting there with a car is fairly easy and there is a direct bus transport, stopping at the main entrance of the Center.

This year’s conference is being held in Hotel Kempinski ([Google Maps]), which is in the town’s center. You can imagine that getting there is a nightmare, getting out of there is a nightmare and parking is a new level of nightmare. I must agree that some of the halls are bigger than the one at the IEC, but this is not really the issue the organisation guys are facing.

As it is expected I came here to hear as more Silverlight and WPF sessions as I could. So far I attended three sessions of this kind. Some were good, some were bad. Honestly I expected a storm of Silverlight 3 sessions since it is brand new and being announced about 3-4 weeks ago. Unfortunately there was only one that was regarding Silverlight 3. This is kinda dissapointing.

Another interesting session I saw was “Windows 7 – Deep Dive”. Quite an interesting one, it really got me in to wanting to install that new system. So as soon as I have the chance, I will install it and give it a go.

There was a showroom at the conference where you could check out Microsoft Surface and play around with it. Quite a cool gadget. I hope that I will have the chance to work on such a technology some day.

As a conclusion I can say that Microsoft Days 2009 was nice, but I was expecting much, much more. But this won’t stop me from attending MS Days 2010. I hope it will beat the crap out of this one !

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